Improve, Perfect and Refine your Pop-up

Pop-up Surf Pro Board - Preview

The Pop-up Surf Pro is a dry land surf pop-up practice board, which enables surfers of all abilities to practise their short board pop-up, time and time again on dry land, with the instability similar to that experienced on a real surf board. This enables the user to refine and perfect their pop-up with regular practice, when they can’t get to the water. The instability of the Pop-up Surf Pro provides instant feedback to the user, if their feet hit the deck slightly off center, the user feels this and over successive practice sessions can intuitively improve their pop-up, to land perfectly every time. The Pop-up Surf Pro is primarily aimed at developing the short board pop up for intermediate to advanced surfers but for the agile and determined beginner the Pop-up Surf Pro could still be a very useful practice aid. 

The Pop-up Surf Pro is precision machined, hand crafted and finished to a high standard in Yorkshire, UK, using high quality, FSC registered ply.