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Pop-up Surf Pro Removable Deck Mat

The Pop-up Surf Pro deck mat is made from natural rubber foam with a natural cork veneer. We want to make the Pop-up Surf Pro and its components as friendly to the world as we can and this combination of renewable materials goes towards achieving this. The cork veneer has natural antibacterial properties and combined with the natural foam rubber base, provides as supple tactile material, ideally suited to be a removable deck mat for the Pop-up Surf Pro.


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Assembly Instructions

Simply place the deck mat on the top surface of the pop-up surf pro and allow friction to hold it in place. The mat may move very slightly with usage and may require occasional, slight adjustment. After the session is over the mat can simply be removed so the Pop-up Surf Pro can be stored away as required.

Because the mat is removable it can also be used on the floor, on its own, and removing the mat provides the user the opportunity to use the Pop-up Surf Pro with the smooth finished surface if required.

Usage Instructions

Mat care

The mats are hard wearing but due the natural materials used some care needs to be take to extend the life of the mat and avoid damaging the cork surface.

  • Please don’t use the mat with shoes or any abrasive foot ware that could damage the surface.
  • Only roll the mat for storage and do not fold the mat.
  • Ensure that there are no objects in your pockets which could damage the surface of the mat such as keys, wallets etc.

  • Be aware that belt buckles and other metallic items of clothing could damage the mat surface.
  • Don’t place the mat below the Pop-up Surf pro because the rockers and high pressures could damage the mat.

We’re Putting our hands up

Our mats are made in China and shipped to the UK via sea. Our core belief is to source all our products and materials as locally as we can but having spent months trying to source similar materials the most renewable product we could find was based in China and more local suppliers informed us they would also source the base materials from the far East also. It therefore made sense to have the mats produced at source.

Safety Information

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