Pop-up Surf Pro – Surf pop up balance trainer


  • Pop-up Surf Pro – main deck.
  • x1 standard longitudinal rocker.
  • x1 standard lateral rocker.
  • x1 advanced lateral rocker.
  • 6mm base board.
  • Instructions.

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  • Short board pop-up
  • Dry land practice
  • Core strength development
  • Core skill development
  • Improve balance and turning
  • FSC registered timber
  • Precision machined
  • Hand crafted
  • Designed and made in the U.K.

The Pop-up Surf Pro is a dry land surf pop-up practice board, which enables surfers of all abilities to practice their short board pop-up, time and time again on dry land with the instability similar to that experienced on a real surf board. This enables the user to refine and perfect their pop-up with regular practice when they can’t get to the water.

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The instability of the Pop-up surf pro provides instant feedback to the user, if their feet hit the deck slightly off center the user feels this and over successive practice sessions can intuitively improve their pop up, to land perfectly every time.

The Pop-up Surf Pro is primarily aimed at developing the short board pop up for intermediate to advanced surfers but for the agile and determined beginner the Pop-up Surf Pro could still be a very useful practice aid.

The Pop-up Surf Pro precision machined, crafted and hand finished to a high standard in Yorkshire, UK, using high quality, FSC registered Poplar ply.

The unique design of the Pop-up Surf Pro offers numerous advantages over other methods of pop up practice.

  • The unique and novel design is much shorter than a conventional surf board as it only represents the part of the board needed to practice Pop-up and turning maneuvers. This makes the Pop-up surf pro suitable for use in the home.
  • Easily stored when not in use. The rockers are removable for easy storage when not in use.
  • The size of the pop-up pro is comparable to a 6’6” surf board, with the center of pivot representative to the center of buoyancy of a 6’6” board. The refined rocker profiles aim to replicate the dynamic response of a real surf board making practice more effective, more rewarding and more interesting.
  • The user can leave their beloved surf board safely tucked away in its board bag without risk of damaging it by using it on dry land.
  • The Pop-up Surf Pro looks great.

The Pop-up Surf Pro is more than just a pop-up practice board, it is also very useful for practicing turning maneuverers while trying to maintain balance. When used with the base board provided, the Pop-up Surf Pro turns with relative ease so the user can practice turning technique in a standing position while maintaining balance.

Please note the Pop-up surf pro is aimed at developing a short board pop up i.e. for most users the toes will not be placed on the back of the board.


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Assembly Instructions

  1. Place the 6 mm thick base board on a flat, horizontal, even surface with clear space around it. 
  2. Place the Main deck of the Pop-up Surf pro on the base board upside down i.e. with the machined recesses facing up. 
  3. Locate the two projections of the short (lateral) rocker with the two corresponding lateral slots in the main deck. 
  4. Locate the Longer (longitudinal) rocker such that it locates in the longitudinal slots in the main deck. Note that one prong on the long rocker is shorter than the others to help locate the rocker in the correct direction. 
  5. The magnets on the long rocker should hold both rockers in place and the entire assembly can be lifted, turned over and place rocker down, centrally on the base board. Be careful not to use sudden jolty movements while holding the board of the surface with the rockers located. The magnets are capable of supporting the weight of the rockers but sudden movements could dislodge the rockers, potentially causing injury.  
  6. With the board in place the Pop-up Surf Pro is ready to use. 
  7. To disassemble the Pop-up Surf Pro for storage follow these instructions in the reverse order.  

Usage Instructions

  1. Ensure the Pop-up Surf pro is assembled, with the Rockers fully located, on a flat level surface with the Pop-up Surf pro located centrally on the 6 mm base board. 
  2. Ensure there are no objects surrounding the Pop-up Surf Pro that could cause injury in the event of a fall.
  3. Ensure your knees are covered.
  4. Lie on the Pop-up Surf Pro with your head toward the front (wide end) and your feet toward the back (narrow end). For most large children and adults your feet should be over the back of the board. 
  5. Find your balance point. Ensure you are lying centrally along the length of the board, if you are not the board will tilt to the left or right. You should also find your balance point front to back. This is trial and error but by adjusting your position you should eventually find your balance and the board should remain stable without feeling like it might easily rock in any direction. 
  6. Starting position – Having found your balance point place your hands flat on the board with your fingers pointing forward, your elbows pulled into your sides and with your hands near to your lower rib cage. Raise your head slightly and arch your back lifting your shoulder and place your feet together. Don’t wrap your fingers around the side of the board (the rails) as this could potentially lead to finger trapping. At no point lie on the board with your fingers wrapped around the edges for this reason. (For users who would normally hold the rails while popping up, the standard rocker set has been refined to minimise the risk of finger trapping but there is still a chance, hence if the user prefers to hold the rails they do so at their own risk.)
  7. The Pop-up. There are numerous variations on the Pop-up and numerous instructionals in books and online and it is recommended that various techniques are investigated but here is a standard approach. From the starting position in 5 and in one smooth movement, push with your arms keep your head up and your eye level horizontal (don’t look down). At the same time start bending you knees bringing your heels towards your bum (NB It is common practice to start kicking with the foot that will be placed at the back of the board first, removing that knee from the board first to start the body rotation) . Maintaining momentum raise your bum then tuck your knees up under your chest bring your leading foot forward and twist your body slightly finally placing your front foot between your hand and your rear foot towards the back of the board. Transfer weight to your feet gradually remove your hands from the board and maintain a balance position. (Easy as that). This is a very brief description and we strongly recommend that you seek guidance from other sources. There is some more guidance online at https://Popupsurfpro.com. 

Safety Information

  • When using the Pop-up Surf Pro ensure there is clear space around the board such that the user cannot injure themselves on surrounding objects if they fall from the board.
  • Ensure your knees are covered and adequately protected.
  • Do not use the Pop-up Surf Pro if you have any medical condition which could be exacerbated while using it. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure they a physically fit enough to use the PUSP. Do not use the board if you have existing muscular skeletal conditions without consulting a doctor first and please do not use the Pop-up Surf Pro if you have any condition which could be exacerbated by physical exercise without consulting a doctor first. 
  • The rockers are held in place magnetically. The magnets are strong enough to hold the rockers in place and allow the Pop-up surf Pro to be moved around but sudden movements can detach the rockers allowing them to fall out. Be sure not to not to make sudden movements while holding the board as this could potentially cause injury.
  • The rocker retaining magnets are powerful. In the event that a magnet becomes dislodge small children should never be allow to handle them. Small children, likely to place objects in their mouths should therefore not use the Pup-up surf pro. 
  • Children should be supervised at all times while using the Pop-up Surf Pro.
  • All users, use the Pop-up Surf Pro at their own risk. As with all balance training equipment, there is some risk of injury and it is the full responsibility of the user to manage their own risk while using the Pop-up Surf Pro. 

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